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South East Paranormal Research: Why are there so many ghost stories about a "woman in white"?

Very cool blog!  ~Kim


Does your town have a Woman in White? Of course it does. There is no town that doesn’t have a woman in a white dress who wafts around drafty halls of the local manor, or paces the widow’s walk of the local hotel. Find out about the woman in white legend, some local examples, and share your…

Spirits are known to burn out lights and mess with cameras and recorders. They are also notorious for draining battery life. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to warn the audio crew on a television shoot to keep extra batteries on hand. Often, as many as eight batteries have been needed for a one-hour show.
James Van Praagh
James Van Praagh - Growing Up in Heaven: The Eternal Connection Between Parent and ChildGrowing Up in Heaven: The Eternal Connection Between Parent and Child
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Salem’s first firehouse (AKA Paranormal Salem HQ)

It was pointed out to us a few weeks ago that Paranormal Salem, much like Ghost Busters, is based out of an old firehouse.  We have an office at 30 Church Street in Salem not because we thought it was haunted, but because rent is reasonable and it’s in a nice location.  AND it didn’t hurt that it used to be Salem’s first firehouse built in 1861.  The place has character.  

We started doing Ghost Hunting 101 classes there and decided it would be fun after the class to turn the lights off and do a mini investigation.  The only claim we had ever heard was that a woman who worked in one of the offices in the 1980’s died at her desk of a heart attack.  We researched the claim and we weren’t able to prove it so we really didn’t believe the firehouse was haunted. However, during our investigation that first night, we started seeing shadows down the hallway, and under the doors of offices that we knew no one was in.  We ventured down the stairway of the tower and headed into the basement.  We got a lot of flashlight play and after asking many questions, found that we were talking to a little girl.

We started investigating the building frequently after that.  We investigate alone with our team often and we also continue to hold our GH101 class and investigation every week.

At one of our first investigations, I asked what year it was and the four of us in the room heard a woman say “80”.  We caught it on our audio but when we listened back it almost sounds like “eebee”.  We also saw more shadows and had flashlight play in our office, again, from a little girl.

After more investigations and more of the public coming in to meet our ghosts, we learned more about our resident ghosts each day.  We learned that we might have two little girls.  One around age 7 and one age 12.  We also have an older woman and an older man who possibly worked in the firehouse.  We had many people see shadows in the basement and we have also heard a lot of knocking and what sounds like someone walking around upstairs in a coffee house that has been closed since lunchtime.  We caught a lot of these noises, as well as a little girl humming on our audio.

One strange night, our tourists were all feeling very emotional, very sad.  It seemed to have a negative energy in the basement and the group heard what sounded like a brick being thrown across the room.  They later found a brick against the wall that wasn’t there when they started the investigation.

Something needed to be done about the brick incident.  We couldn’t bring people down there if bricks were being thrown at tourists.  That’s when we decided to bring in another paranormal team, and also our two psychic investigators on different nights to see what else we could pick up.  None of these people knew the claims or evidence that we have found in the firehouse on previous nights.

The other paranormal team spent a good portion of the night there and set up a complete DVR system.  The shadows seen in the basement were supposedly caught on video (I have yet to see the video).  They also caught some noises similar to ones we’ve caught in the past.  Nothing was thrown though.

The next night, I joined our two psychic investigators in the basement for a very peaceful, equipment-less (recorder only) investigation.  They each had a pad of paper and took notes when they picked up anyone.  Their notes were eerily similar.  Writing and even drawing pictures of the same things.  Both had picked up two girls, one that was very young, and one about 12 years old.  Also a man named John who used to “watch over things”.  Later in the investigation they picked up a woman who had a heart attack in her office in 1984.  They both agreed there was no one there who would have had reason to throw a brick.  We did hear a very loud noise when we were there that could have sounded like a brick but we believe it may have been electrical related.  During this investigation, one psychic was very emotional when talking about the little girl which may have explained the sadness that is felt by some people when they enter the basement.

We continue to investigate and learn more about our very active location and the stories of those who once lived in the area.


bellandpuck asked:

Has anyone ever mentioned anything about the House of Seven Gables? Every time I go there, I can't stay in the house for more than a few minutes. I begin to feel queasy, the hair on my arms stands up, and I have trouble breathing. I also end up having terrible nightmares after being there (which, I assume, is just from the stress the place causes). I try to avoid it but my family likes to visit so I try to comply. Just wondering if it's just me. Thanks for answering!

I’ve heard similar things from a lot of people who visit the House of Seven Gables, so you’re definitely not alone.  I haven’t experienced anything strange there myself though.  A couple of our team members have investigated there.  I’ll check with them and let you know if they found any good evidence!  ~Kim

Kim: “Hey Corey, will you email me that photo of the soldier and the victorian lady?”

Corey:  ”Sure!  Here you go!”

Kim: “Whoa.  That’s crazy.  That’s not the photo I was talking about.”

Corey: “What?!  Do we have another photo of a soldier and a victorian lady?”

Kim:  ”Yeah, in the cemetery!   Did we seriously catch the same two apparitions on opposite ends of town on different nights?  That’s so strange!  Who are these people?” 

(Photo one… soldiers face center, woman in a victorian dress left of the sign.  Photo two… victorian woman upper left, soldier upper right)



We’re very new to tumblr, and even though it seems to be a little tricky to figure out, I can see that it has the potential to be amazing!  Bear with us as we figure this out and we’ll be adding blogs, videos, EVP’s, and photos from our tours and investigations in Salem!  -Kim

PS. Thanks Dark Moon Tarot for introducing us to the tumblr world!  :)

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